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Summaries available for claiming are located HERE. The prompts are numbered Number 1 through Number 20, the coordinating number for each summary is above it.

If you aren't available to make a claim yourself, claiming by proxy is allowed.

Claims will be on a first come-first serve basis, however due to the limited number of summaries, the mods asks that if you are already pre-matched with an author that you please allow any artists who are not already matched and participating in the big bang the opportunity to claim these twenty summaries first.

If they are not all claimed in a reasonable amount of time, we will open a second round of claims for any artist who wants to take on more than one story.

All unmatched artists may claim one summary in the first round. (If there are any unclaimed prompts after everyone has picked, artists will be able to claim again in a second round of claims.)

While you are not required to make three choices in order to make a claim, the mods recommend choosing a 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th choice for the best results. If you'd rather take your chances with just one or two choices, that's up to you.

Please use the template below, fill it out and leave it as a comment to this entry.

Please Note: Comments are screened. As each summary is claimed, it will be crossed off the summary list in order to make it easier for later-coming claimants to see what's still available.
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