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Mods Note: Our apologies for the slight delay with this post. Thanks for bearing with us!

Hello Everyone! The time to submit your rough drafts (15k minimum/65%) and summaries for artist claiming is upon us.

Please Note: If you are already pre-matched with an artist you do not need to submit a rough draft & summary at this time. Rough Draft and Summary Claiming is only for writers seeking an artist for their story.

1. Rough drafts are due on June 21! (We ask that you please submit your rough drafts and summaries in approximately the next 48-72 hours of this post.) This is also when the artist sign ups close. (If you find you need an extra day, please contact the mods at and we may be able to work with you on a very small extension of time.

Please keep in mind that summaries go up for CLAIMING on Sunday, June 30, so we are still working on a strict schedule. We will need time to proof each draft and summary before that time, so the earlier you get them to us, the better!)

2. You must have a minimum of 15k to qualify for artist claiming. This rough draft should be approximately 65% of your estimated final word count. Your rough draft must include a beginning, middle and either an ending or a clear plan for the ending.

3. Please send your drafts to:

4. Put your USERNAME and the title of your story in the subject line of your email. (We are asking for titles at this time. However, We realize titling is difficult for some so if you wish to change the title of your story later on, that's perfectly OK.)

5. Please attach your story as a single document in either .txt, .rtf, or .doc, file so that we are able to open it.

6. If you have not already seen it, We highly recommend you read the How To Catch An Artist Guide before writing your summary for artist claiming.

7. Please copy the header from the text box below, paste it into the body of your email, and fill it out completely. (Leaving all html tags intact.)

8. If there is anything else you need the mods to know at this time (concerns about artist matching, etc), please include that in your mail as well.

Writers, if for some reason you can't submit a draft at this time you are still welcome to stay in the fest. You can either post as a stand-alone or endeavor to find an artist on your own.

Regarding a plan for the end of your fic: What are we looking for? If you haven't written the ending yet, we want you to include a summary of how you plan to end the fic IN YOUR DRAFT. This can be as simple as copying & pasting part of your outline into the draft. If you don't have an outline, story map or other written plan for your story then just add a short paragraph to the bottom of your draft explaining how you are planning to end the fic.

Please note: Summaries are meant to be anonymous so as not to influence an artist's choice based on who is writing the story.

Any questions? You may ask them here or email the mods at

Good luck everyone and keep on writing!
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