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Schedule - 2019

Writer sign ups: March 20 - May 20
Artist sign ups: March 20 - June 20
Beta Sign ups: March 20 (open)
Hype Reader Sign ups: March 20 (open)
Writer Check in: May 20
Rough Drafts (15k min/60% of final story) & Summaries due: June 20
Summary Posting: June 25
Summary Claiming: June 30
Artist check in: August 5
Writer's Final Drafts (25k min) Due: August 25
Artist's Rough Drafts Due: August 31
Posting Begins: September 1 (tentative)

FAQ can be found HERE

NOTE: Hype Readers are new for this year and will replace the sign ups previously for Cheerleaders, we will explain what the changes are and what exactly a Hype Reader is when we add the sign up posts. We have also given the FAQs a bit of an update this year, so even if you have participated in ACBB in previous years, please do give them a once over. Thanks!
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